Custom Project


Over 15+ years of experience the root of our process thrives on delivering superior customer satisfaction. Our team will consult you through the blueprint and different operating stages of your project, from the initial consultation to pre-construction & building. Our team of experts work hard so you don’t have to. Focused on crafting your vision to reality with superior quality materials and delivering with our award winning warranty protection for peace of mind.

Stage Operations


The initial consultation will entail a meeting to determine your project goals & gather information to produce an overview of how your project timeline will breakdown.

Design & Plan

This process is vital to the success of your project, our team of designers will detail the full scope of your vision and plan it to the final measurement. We pride ourselves in building quality and trustworthy designs.​


This stage will finalize agreements on your project in order to escalate your project into the building stage. We will educate you on our warranty protection, permits, and licensing.


Once finalized we execute your project and keep you in the loop on a building schedule. We develop long lasting relationships with our clients by providing excellent worksmanship.


Global Renos is dedicated to closing the gap for commercial projects and making it easier for you to leave a bigger footprint. Our team is specialized in tackling the cities biggest building contracts and help you leave your mark.


Whether you just want to increase the value of your property, or need a change of style our team of experts will work with you to create a stunning new appearance for your home.


If you have a custom project you would like to discuss please give us a call or e-mail to discuss your needs and how we may help you. With our tenured experience we can tackle any task at hand leaving you stress free.


Whether you want to upgrade materials or give your bathroom that luxury appearance we will tailor to your sense of style and deliver a high end finish to compliment the luxury of your home.

Kitchen Renovations

Meticulous designs that give you confidence in your kitchen, high quality materials with innovative architecture will give your kitchen the modern look you’ve been looking for. Give your guests a luxurious impression as they enter your newly remodelled kitchen.


Your roof is safe layer of defence to protect your home, it is vital to hire specialized experts to ensure your home is protected to its peak ability. Our team will consult you whether you just need repairs or want to construct a new roof using superior quality materials.


Our team will assess the scale of the demolition and will execute an organized deconstruction of the property under local abiding bylaws. We maintain the safe space and finish leaving the site clean and organized.


Whether you have a faulty electric wiring system that needs repair or in need of electric design blueprints we have you covered. Our team of electricians will provide you the comfort of knowing your circuits and power sources are secured and coordinated safely throughout your residency or work space.


From clogged pipes to upgrades and leaks we are available to troubleshoot. Whether you need emergency plumbing repair services or commercial plumbing we are ready to provide you with fast, and reliable solutions.

Tiling & Flooring

Ready to give your space the new look you have been waiting for? We only work with top quality industry leading materials and provide solutions for projects at any scale. Our team will remove, install or repair any flooring. We work on both commercial flooring projects as well as smaller custom home projects, give us a call to discuss today.


From interior to commercial painting, we have creative designers to reform the look of your environment. Top of the line industry leading practices for priming, coating, and sanding. We stand behind our work and our customer satisfaction is always guaranteed. Any style and sense of creativity you have in mind will be hand crafted and tailored for your memorable experience.


Our hand crafted designs will articulate professional class leading impressions on the overall appearance of your home or commercial property. Do not settle for ordinary, work with the industry leading professionals today.


Take action and let our craftsmanship and precision tell your story. To leave memorable experiences it begins at the very edge of the property and follows the landscaping that paints a true picture of luxury and sense of style. We thrive on developing meticulously crafted landscaping designs.

Basement renovations

Turn your basement into a luxurious living space and bring leverage to the valuation of your property. Most basements are left untouched and later hold you back when wanting to sell or rent your space out, a small investment in your basement will help you achieve confidence and leverage in the market, contact us today for a free quote!


Are you looking to renovate your hotel rooms to provide your clients with a more luxurious and vibrant experience as they stay at your hotel? Contact us today to get in touch with our team and talk about amplifying the growth of your hotel with superior class leading designs and materials for innovative remodelling.


In addition to our superior building quality and expertise we like to offer you the peace of mind knowing your project is secured under our warranty protection. Your project is delivered with a sense of safety, reliability, and trust. You will never have to worry about your project having any issues post construction and that is why our clients love working with us time and time again.


Security and safety are a top priority we will NEVER operate a project without our guaranteed permits that are attained for your building process. We only operate under all maintained building codes, local zoning by-laws, and any other applicable laws. We will always educate you and provide with all the legal abiding information pertaining to your project.